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Krajevna knjižnica SenovoTitova cesta 106, 8281 Senovo

  07 490 4028

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Regular opening hours

(effective from Septembre 1st to June 30th)


Monday: 12.00–18.00

Thursday: 12.00–18.00

Summer opening hours

(effective from July 1st to August 31st)


Monday: 12.00–18.00

Thursday: closed



The local library branch in Senovo has been operating since 2005. It is located in the renovated premises of a building that once served to the mining administration, a fact known to this day to many locals. Library in Senovo is actively involved in cultural, educational and social life on the southern slopes of Bohor. It cooperates with kindergartens, schools and with other local organizations in the field of culture. The library invites visitors to indulge in reading, flip through newspapers, browse materials and the Internet. There is also a play-based corner for the youngest visitors. We pay special attention to young readers in terms of fairy tale classes, creative workshops, fairy-tale based yoga, puppet shows, biblio-pedagogical classes and reading projects. Members of senior citizens book club DU Senovo (Retirement Association Senovo) are very keen to formally open and cover various topics at travel and professional lectures, literary and local history events and informally in indispensable everyday conversations.


Slovenian databases

Digitalna knjižnica Slovenije Cobiss Biblos audiobook Karma Dobre knjige

Foreign databases


press reader Britannica


You access the databases with the password for "Mojo knjižnico".


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