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Library users and members are expected to handle with library equipment and premises with care. It is also necessary to:

  • behave properly (no offensive, abusive, boisterous, harassing, or noisy actions or language, follow directions and be respectful when speaking with library staff);
  • handle borrowed material responsibly and carefully;
  • upon collection and return, the library material is inspected and the librarian is warned of possible damage, otherwise the users themselves are responsible for the damage caused;
  • do not lend the borrowed materials to others;
  • follow the instructions of library staff;
  • animals are not allowed in the library, except in the case of equipped guide dogs;
  • do not smoke or consume food or drink in the library premises;
  • do not enter employees' work areas;
  • promptly leave the library premises at closing time;
  • cooperate with employees in the event of a possible activation of the security system in the library.


Parents or children’s companions are held responsible for appropriate behaviour and safety of children in the library.



A member of the library is a user who joins the library and, by signing the application form, becomes obligated to comply with the rules. When registering, the user must present an identity document and fill out and sign the application form. Upon registration, you will receive a membership card. Children up to the age of 15 can only register in the presence of their parents or guardians, who present their own and the child's identity document and sign the application form. A legal entity can also become a member of the library.



The membership fee is paid by members upon registration and is renewed annually. Members up to the age of 18 are exempt from paying membership fees, as are ZBDS members (Slovenian Library Association members) with paid membership fees for the current year, the unemployed, recipients of social assistance, and disabled persons and guardians of disabled persons, who must prove their status with an appropriate certificate.



When using most of the library's services, the member must present a membership card or a valid identity document. The membership card is permanent, non-transferable and valid in all local units or branches of Valvasor library Krško.



Members can borrow most of the library materials from the library. Material that cannot be borrowed and taken home is material that is intended for use exclusively in the library and is appropriately marked in the catalogue (material from study room, archive material, seminar and diploma theses, master's and doctoral theses, latest issues of newspapers and magazines, materials of sessions of the Municipal Council). When borrowing materials, you receive a delivery slip with a list of borrowed materials.



At the self-service library station located in the library members can borrow material independently upon presenting and scanning their membership card.



The cabinets are situated outside the library building, next to the entrance that faces the municipal parking lot. Ordered books can be collected by readers at any convenient time (WITHIN 72 HOURS) throughout the day and year, also during off work days or when the library is closed.

Self-service cabinet stations are user-friendly and can be operated by the reader in a way of:

  • using a reader for codes or library cards
  • using a free mobile application.



Members can borrow undefined number of library materials. The borrowing limit of six units applies only to non-book material (CDs, CD-ROMs; DVDs).



Library members can place reservation or order library materials free of charge, usually up to ten titles at a time. They must pick up the material after placing the order or after receiving notification of the arrival of the reserved material no later than within three library operating days. The library informs the member about the availability of the reserved material that has arrived in the way he chose when he registered.


How to place reservation or order materials:

  • personally, with your membership card in the library
  • electronically in Cobiss
  • by calling the library and confirming your membership card number


A member who is physically present in the library and has already selected free material has priority over a member who has ordered the same material electronically at that time.



Loan periods for borrowed library materials are:

  • 14 days for book materials and book materials with related attachments;
  • 14 days for serial publications (except the last issue);
  • 14 days for non-book material (CDs, CDRs, DVDs)


If the last day of the deadline for returning borrowed material is on a day when the library is closed, the return deadline is transferred to the first following working day. Library members can return book materials at their own risk outside the library's working hours at the self-service book drop located next to the main entrance to the new library or to the mailbox located in front of the entrance to the Capuchin monastery.



Library members can extend borrowed material a maximum of six times before the end of the loan period. The ways to extend the loan term are:

  • in person with a membership card in the library;
  • by phone, stating the number of your membership card;
  • electronically via the My COBISS service;

by email, stating the number of your membership card.

The loan term cannot be extended in the following cases:

  • material is reserved by another member during the loan period;
  • material that is subject to a late fee, warning or recovery;
  • serial publications;
  • non-book material.



Library members can independently return materials in the library premises on smart shelves for returning materials.



Automated Book Return System allows the users to return books at 24/7 under self-service operations.
When the library is closed, the entrance door for access to the automated system is opened with a borrowed book, which must be placed against the place marked.



For material that members did not return to the library on time and for which the loan period has expired, a late fee is charged, which is recorded for each day of delay, namely for the days when the library is in operation, and for each unit of borrowed material separately in the amount that is specified in the current price list of Valvasor Library Krško.



Interlibrary loan is a payable service that allows borrowing of library materials not held by our library and of materials that are held by our library but are currently borrowed. While library material supply from central regional libraries is free of charge, library material supply from other Slovene libraries is a payable service charged in accordance with our price-list.


The full text of the Rules of Procedure of the Valvasor library Krško is available in the library and on the website:

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